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Synthesis and Molecular Simulation Laboratory, Chemistry Department, Pars Isotope Company, P.O. Box: 1437663181, Tehran, Iran



The purpose of this research study is to prepare Exametazime (d,l-HMPAO) kit for labeling with 99m-technetium radionuclide as a brain perfusion diagnostic system. In first step, the active pharmaceutical ingredient d,l-HMPAO was prepared in two steps with the purity of 99.29 %. Its molecular structure was characterized using elemental analysis, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technique. In second step, the d,l-HMPAO kit was prepared using six different formulations and labeled by technetium-99m radionuclide. The high radiochemical yield was attributed to the high amount of SnCl2 and adding phosphate buffer. The animal studies were conducted on three-month old male Wistar rats. The biodistribution studies revealed that, the mean activity in brain of all rats was above 1% ID/g. This showed the high isomerism purity of the synthesized compound (d,l-HMPAO) and optimization of the suggested formulations.

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Kit formulation of active pharmaceutical ingredient d,l-HMPAO as a brain perfusion diagnostic system


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M. Davarpanah, H. Abbasi, M. Nabati, H. Sabahnoo, V. Bodaghi-Namileh, M. Mazidi, H. Movahhed-Tazehkand and H. Mohammadnejad-Mehrabani, Kit formulation of active pharmaceutical ingredient d,l-HMPAO as a brain perfusion diagnostic system. Progress in Chemical and Biochemical Research,  2 (2019)  185-191.
DOI: 10.33945/SAMI/PCBR.2019.4.4