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Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq



This short paper deals with the coloring phenomenon that occurs in O-bromoaniline from white to very dark. It is found that the very pure compound exhibits a significant resistance towards this phenomenon as stays for a long period without discoloring. Such a result is clearly of great interest to anyone who produces, marketing, or purchases and uses O-bromoaniline on a regular basis. The results show that the conventional methods for purification of solid compound such as recrystallization are not sufficient. It has been found that the fractional distillation under vacuum for this solid material gives a pure compound possesses a resistance against discoloring phenomenon. In particular, the listed purification procedure should allow chemical companies to produce and market a better quality product of O-bromoaniline.

Graphical Abstract

The Role of Distillation of Solid O-Bromoaniline with its Coloring Phenomenon


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