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Department of Chemical Engineering, Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute University, Madhuravoyal, Chennai-95, India



The Jujube seed grinding powder (JGP) were incorporated into polyethylene (PE) by weight 5-15 wt% subsequently processed to produce films of 55 micron thickness. The JGP mixed with PE was prepared to make the film by melt mixing at various percentage. The study on photo and biodegradability of polyethylene films were studied under the influence of UV. The studies on mechanical properties were analyzed for JGP-PE. The percentage of biodegradation of JGP-PE on the UV exposed film was monitored for specified hour using standard composting condition as per ASTMD 5338.

Graphical Abstract

Studies on the Mechanical and Degradation behavior of Polyethylene by using Jujube Seed Grinding Powder (JGP)


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