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Belarusian State University, ISEI BSU, Minsk, Belarus



The influence of the modified nucleotide arabinofuranosylcytosine-5`-monophosphate in the form of the free acid (Ara-CMP) and its salts with emoxipin (Ara-CMP+Em) on the viability of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, the lymphocyte proliferation of mitogen-stimulated cells was studied. It was shown that emoxipin - the compound with strong antioxidant properties - does not lead to inhibition of the main function of the antimetabolite Ara-CMP, namely, cell growth arrest (p = 0.96) and lysis of target cells (p = 0.97). Under the conditions of nonspecific stimulation of lymphocytes, Ara-CMP at high concentrations (10-4 M) increased in both IFNγ-secreting T-lymphocytes (five times) and IFNγ-secreting other lymphocytes (three times). Emoxipin led to almost complete leveling of the detected effect.

Graphical Abstract

Influence of arabinofuranosylcytosine-5`-monophosphate and its emoxipin salt on viability and functional status of peripheral blood lymphocytes subpopulations


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