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Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tripoli; Tripoli-Libya



Generic drugs have increased in their popularity as the cost of their brand counterparts have arisen. Post-marketing testing of some drugs is used to assure quality, efficacy and safety of those drugs made available for public use. This is to give evidence of their effectiveness.
This study was undertaken to justify the use of generic substitution of metoprolol, spironolactone and verapamil brands marketed in Tripoli-Libya. This evaluation was achieved through QC tests for hardness, disintegration time and chemical content according to British Pharmacopoeial standards. The results of these tests were found to comply with pharmacopoial range indicating their efficiency to be used as a substituent for brands of higher price.

Graphical Abstract

Comparative study of pharmaceutical content of three different cardio vascular system drugs marketed in Tripoli- Libya


Main Subjects

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