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1 Department of Research and Development, UOP, Santiago, Chile

2 Ph.D. of Science in Chemical Engineering, Process Engineer & Risk Specialist in Industries, Iran


The purpose of this study is to investigate the pigging operation, why it is done, the types of pigments available, and its importance in the gas industry. It is important to identify clogs and reopen them, as well as to identify cracks and corrosion in valves and pipes. The main advantages of piglets include the low-cost cleaning of pipelines, the possibility of rapid sampling inside the pipes to detect and test for impurities, the possibility of inspecting pipelines without the need for power outages, and the ability to use PLCs. In water and sewage pipelines, oil and gas, and petrochemical pipelines have a basic application for cleaning and inspection of pipelines. This study reviews the generalities of pig, pipeline operations, and new aspects of recent technologies in this field, including necessity, capacities, challenges, and innovations of pipeline technology in the maintenance and operation of oil and gas pipelines and the other hydrocarbon products, introducing the types of used pigs, factors for selecting the appropriate pig in terms of application, cleaning, inspection and monitoring of pipelines, comparison and applications of smart pigs, and how they work and record problems in pipelines, decontamination. The results of this study indicated that one of the important strategies in the field of reforming and performing the follow-up process can be increased the statistical research in order to develop practical regulations related to the maintenance of pipelines along with the responsibility of production and transmission..

Graphical Abstract

In Investigating the Use of Pigs in Gas Transmission Pipelines


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