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1 Department Department of Chemical Engineering, Calgary University, Canada

2 Ph.D. of Science in Chemical Engineering, Process Engineer & Risk Specialist in Industries, Iran


Elimination of sulfur compounds in hydrocarbon fuels is environmentally important, because in the process of combustion of fuels in engines, sulfur compounds in the fuel are converted to sulfur oxides (soX), which can lead to acid rain. In addition, (soX) resulting from the combustion of sulfur-containing fuels in internal combustion engines, while causing corrosion in the internal parts of the engine, poisoning the catalytic converters installed in the car exhaust and ultimately causing the deactivation of these catalytic converters over time It is shortened. An important plan of these catalytic converters is to reduce the release of nitrogen oxides into the environment. Sulfur oxides also lead to the rapid deactivation of exhaust filters to prevent particulate matter from escaping into the atmosphere. Therefore, the presence of sulfur compounds in hydrocarbon sections, in addition to creating problems related to the release of sulfur oxides into the atmosphere, leads to an exacerbation of the release of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and particulate matter into the environment.

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Investigation of Sulfur Problems in Hydrocarbon Sections


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