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Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, PO Box 19395-3697, Tehran, Iran


Nano-[Fe3O4@SiO2@RNHMe2][HSO4] (NFSRNH), as an effectual and magnetically recyclable catalyst, promoted the solvent-free production of 1-amidoalkyl-2-naphthols through the multi-component reaction of aldehydes, 2-naphthol and primary amides. This method has the advantages of high yield, mild reaction conditions, environmentally benign methodology and short reaction time. Given the increasing levels of interest in green chemistry, the recyclability and reusability of the catalyst have been evaluated.

Graphical Abstract

Nano-[Fe3O4@SiO2@RNHMe2][HSO4]: an effectual catalyst for the production of 1-amidoalkyl-2-naphthols


  • Application of an effectual nano-magnetic catalyst for the production of 1-amidoalkyl-2-naphthols.
  • Producing the products in short times with high yields.
  •  Recyclability of the catalyst


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