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Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratories, Government of Maharashtra, India


The forensic DNA fingerprinting technique play a vital role during the investigation of rape and murder cases and gives strong scientific evidence for linking the suspect with the scene of crime and victim. We present a case along with an analysis technique that will bring about the importance of forensic biology and DNA technique of how forensic science is helpful to give conclusions to the rape and murder case. In forensic biology, blood typing was an important forensic tool but blood typing was not a very discriminating technique. The blood group of victims and suspects may be similar in most cases so the use of DNA profiling has increased. DNA can be extracted from bloodstains and semen proves an act of rape and murder.

Graphical Abstract

Importance of forensic techniques in the investigation of rape (sodomy) and murder


* Link of suspect with the scene of the crime and proves an act of sodomy.

* Sodomy and murder by the same suspect prove the act of serial killing.

* DNA fingerprinting provides a useful tool for the identification of the suspect


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