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Ph.D. of Science in Chemical engineering, Risk Specialist of Oil and Gas Refinery Company, Iran


This study has examined risk management planning in the field of Information Technology in industrial companies. Today, information is considered a valuable factor along with other factors of production. With rapid technological change, globalization and the expansion of efficient domain are among the requirements for achieving competitive advantage. Information technology in the fields of hardware, software, volume and data type and telecommunication networks is rapidly evolving and changing. Most managers of organizations have become aware of the importance of using this technology in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations and greater customer satisfaction. In addition to failing to meet the projected benefits, it is likely that the failure of this IT will not be limited to the financial and economic disadvantages of managing the subtleties of project execution and may continue to IT as long as an organization fails. Regarding the process of risk management or information security risks, there are methods and methodologies which define steps to evaluation process and risk treatment according to the considered approach. But in most of these methods, some basic principles and concepts are considered the same.

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Risk Management in Information Technology


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